Happy Valley Weather

Data courtesy of my neighbor's Tempest weather station.

From the National Weather Service...

Radar Loop Portland, OR West Palm Beach, FL San Francisco, CA York, PA
Current Icon Portland Weather West Palm Beach Weather San Francisco York, PA
Current A Few Clouds Partly Cloudy A Few Clouds Fair
Temperature (F) 70 88 55 89
Compared to Portland -- Portland is 18 degrees colder Portland is 14.1 degrees warmer Portland is 19.1 degrees colder
Compared to West Palm West Palm is 18 degrees warmer -- West Palm is 32.1 degrees warmer West Palm is 1.1 degrees colder
Compared to San Francisco, CA San Francisco is 14.1 degrees colder San Francisco is 32.1 degrees colder -- San Francisco is 33.2 degrees colder
Compared to York York is 19.1 degrees warmer York is 1.1 degrees warmer York is 33.2 degrees warmer --
Wind Northwest at 5.8 MPH (5 KT) East at 13.8 MPH (12 KT) Northwest at 6.9 MPH (6 KT) South at 5.8 MPH (5 KT)
Relative Humidity 49 70 81 47