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Code of Team Behaviors


Show Respect for Each Other

* meetings should begin and end on time

* show up on time

* return phone calls and e-mails promptly

* turn off your cell phone!!


Always Assume Positive Intent

* assume a question is a question

* don't take things personally

* don't assume code violations are intentional


Plan Meetings, Develop Agendas

* prepare and communicate an agenda at least a day in advance

* always give the team the option of contributing to the agenda

* inform the meeting's sponsor if you are unable to attend


Be Open and Honest

* admit mistakes

* be direct and clear

* speak up if you don't understand


Debate Decisions Before They Are Made

* give input

* once a decision is made, stop debating and support it


Value Opposing Opinions

* be flexible

* welcome feedback

* invite devil's advocacy


Trust And Rely on Team Members

* share information freely

* assume commitments will be kept

* if you can't keep a commitment, say so right away

* honor confidences

* make it your business to know each other's strengths and use them


Actively Listen to Each Other

* don't interrupt

* provide signals of listening and understanding

* seek help when you don't understand

* offer solutions when you know a better way


Go to the Source to Resolve Conflict

* don't talk behind people's backs

* encourage others to go to the source

* don't welcome negative comments about others


Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

* put it in writing

* when in doubt, 'over-communicate' vs. 'under-communicate'


Have Fun!

* keep your sense of humor

* make a new pot of coffee if you take the last cup!



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